Pune-based cosmos bank server hacked, 94 crore losses in 2 days.


Pune-based Cosmos Co-operative Bank Ltd on Tuesday lodged a complaint after its main branch server hacked. Over Rs 94 crore transferred to accounts outside the country.

Officials of Cosmos Bank, said in their complaint at the Chatushringi police station that its servers hacked on August 11 and August 13.

According to the complaint, Rs 80.5 crore initially transferred to a bank outside India through as many as 14,849 debit card transactions. Rs 13.9 crore was transferred in a SWIFT transaction.

The stolen amount left a deposit in Hong Kong. Amount of Rs 78 crore  transferred. Transaction of Rs 2.5 crore also done by India through National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and VISA.

The hackers attacked the bank at 11.30pm on Monday again, and Rs 13.92 crore in a Hong Kong-based bank by using fraudulent swift transactions.

The complaint said that the malware attack launched on the ATM switch server and the amount moved to foreign locations.

In addition the information of thousands of debit cards got stolen by the hackers during the attack.

Cosmos Bank is one of the oldest urban co-operative banks in the country. It is having five regional offices with 140 service outlets across seven states.


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