Arrival operations at Cochin international airport resumes


Arrival operations resumed at Cochin International Airport!

Arrival operations resumed at Cochin International Airport.  The arrival operations at the Cochin International Airport have been stopped because of possible inundation in the airport area due to the rising water level of the Periyar river. The arrival operations at Cochin International Airport have been stopped at 1.10 PM on wards on Thursday, as a measure of precaution.

The decision to stop the arrival operations at the Cochin airport in Kerala was taken after the third shutter of the Idukki dam in the state has been raised 50 cm at 12.30 PM on Thursday as part of the trial run for opening the Idukki dam. The opening of the Idukki dam shutters has resulted in an increase in the overall water level in the Periyar river. The iconic Idukki dam in Kerala, which is one of the highest arch dams in Asia, was completely opened 26 years ago in the year 1992. According to a PTI report, earlier, a review was conducted by the Ernakulam district administration on the situation at the Cochin airport after the water level in a canal near it started rising.

One of the locations in Ernakulam, Nedumbassery could be severely affected once the waters from Edamalayar as well as Idukki dams reach Ernakulam, states a TOI report. Also, after heavy rains and the dam opening on Thursday, the Chengal canal near the airport has been overflowing. The report also stated that the drains of the Cochin airport run into the Chengal canal which is connected to the Periyar river.

For the past few days, heavy showers have been lashing in several parts of the Kerala state, further leading to a copious inflow into the reservoirs.

Source: Financial Express


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