Singapore Tourism Board focuses on secondary cities in India


COIMBATORE: The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) plans to focus on secondary cities in India to increase tourism revenues.
The STB organized a roadshow for travel agents in Coimbatore on Wednesday, to create awareness for various packages that it can offer and ways to sell Singapore to people who have already traveled to the country.

The STB said that Singapore sees an annual growth of 16% to 17% in terms of tourist arrivals from India.

It said that 6.1 lacs tourists from India had visited Singapore from January to May. Since most of these tourists come from the subways, the tourist board wants to focus on secondary cities.

” We want people to know that Singapore is a destination suitable for all portfolios, diverse interests and passions, and a holiday worth the money value,” said GB Srithar, Singapore Tourism Board Regional Director responsible for South Asia, Middle East and Africa.

The board also promotes more targeted forms of tourism, with the slogan ‘Passion Made Possible’.

” Many people may have been in Singapore and have made a general trip, but we now offer specific trips for gourmets, people who want to enjoy social life, gather items, participate in cultural events and want local culture experienced, looking for business opportunities or people who are looking for an adventurous journey, who can excite people to visit the country once again,” said Srithar.

” The board mainly wanted to continue selling Singapore as a family-friendly and child-friendly destination and a cruise destination,” he said.

The highest cruise passengers in Singapore come from India.

Source: TOI


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